Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Set the range select lever to the “N” range.

2. Install the parking pawl shaft, return spring and parking pawl.


Make sure that the end of return spring sticks out of parking pawl as shown in (a). Make sure that the other end contacts the rib of intermediate case as shown in (b).


Parking pawl shaft


Return spring


Parking pawl

3. Install the extension case. Extension Case > INSTALLATION

4. Install the transmission assembly to the vehicle. Automatic Transmission Assembly > INSTALLATION

• Check the parking pawl for breakage or damage.• Check the return spring for fatigue. ...

Preparation for overhaul

Other materials:

CAUTION:• Install the bumper face - front so that the front end of the under cover (b) comes inside the bumper face - front (a).• Before installing the bumper face, match the claws on the bracket - front bumper with the engaging position of flange section on the bumper face side. If the ...

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