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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Install the detent spring to the transmission case.

Tightening torque:

7 N·m (0.7 kgf-m, 5.2 ft-lb)

2. Install the manual plate, parking rod, range select lever and bolt.

Tightening torque:

7 N·m (0.7 kgf-m, 5.2 ft-lb)




Range select lever


Manual plate


Parking rod

3. Install the spring pin.


Use new spring pin.

4. Install the inhibitor switch. Inhibitor Switch

5. Adjust the inhibitor switch. Inhibitor Switch

6. Install the control valve body and oil pan. Control Valve Body > INSTALLATION

7. Install the transmission assembly to the vehicle. Automatic Transmission Assembly > INSTALLATION

Make sure that the manual lever and detent spring are not worn or otherwise damaged. ...

Transmission control module (tcm)

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