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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Clean all the parts before assembly.

2. Insert the solenoid unit terminals to the harness connector.


Solenoid unit (color code: blue)


Solenoid unit (color code: black)

3. Install the solenoid unit.


Insert the solenoid unit while raising the shift lock plate upward by finger, and insert the tip of cushion solenoid into the hole of shift lock plate.

Apply 0.2 g (0.007 oz) of Multemp D to the tip of cushion solenoid.

After installation, make sure that the tip of cushion solenoid is securely inserted in the shift lock plate by visually checking from the side of plate COMPL.


Cushion solenoid


Shift lock plate

4. Install the harness to the select cover COMPL.

5. Attach the harness connector.

6. Install the spacer and the gasket. Select Lever > INSTALLATION

7. Install the select lever. Select Lever > INSTALLATION

STEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK SOLENOID UNIT.Measure the resistance of solenoid unit connector terminals.TerminalsNo. 4 — No. 3:Is the resistance 27.6 — 30.5 -- AT Shift Lock Solenoid and “P” R ...

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