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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Position the radiator fan & fan motor assembly, and install the radiator fan & fan motor assembly to the claw on the radiator upper side.

2. Connect radiator inlet hoses LH and RH to the radiator.

3. Install the reservoir tank. Reservoir Tank > INSTALLATION

4. Lift up the vehicle.

5. Connect the connector (A) and connector (B) to the radiator fan harness.

6. Install the CVTF radiator inlet hose and CVTF radiator outlet hose to the clips of the radiator fan shroud.

7. Install the under cover. Front Under Cover > INSTALLATION

8. Lower the vehicle.

9. Install the air intake duct. Air Intake Duct > INSTALLATION

10. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE

11. Fill engine coolant. Engine Coolant > REPLACEMENT

12. Install the collector cover.

1. RADIATOR MAIN FAN AND RADIATOR MAIN FAN MOTOR1. Install the radiator main fan motor to the radiator fan shroud.Tightening torque:3.9 N·m (0.4 kgf-m, 2.9 ft-lb)2. Install the radiator main fa ...

Check that the radiator fan, radiator fan harness, radiator fan shroud and radiator fan motor do not have deformation, cracks or damage. ...

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NOTE:• The rear lock button is integrated with the switch - opener rear gate.• Open the panel - rear gate before disconnecting the ground terminal from battery sensor.1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE2. Remove the trim panel - rear gate. Rear Gate Trim > REMOV ...

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