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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation


If the sealing cover - rear door gets broken, replace it with a new part.

Apply a butyl tape evenly.

Attach the sealing cover - rear door, keeping it from becoming wrinkled.

Breaks in the bead will allow water leakage and contamination.

1. Install the sealing cover.

(1) Forcefully push the butyl tape portion to prevent any floating on surface.

(2) When replacing the sealing cover, use the butyl tape.

Butyl tape:

3M Butyl Tape 8626 or equivalent

2. Install the trim panel - rear door. Door Trim > INSTALLATION

3. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE

If the sealing cover - rear door is broken, replace it with a new part. ...

Trunk lid

Other materials:

1. Remove the trim panel - door.2. Disengage the rivets and claws, and remove the weather strip - door INN from the trim panel - door.(a)Rivet(b)Claw NOTE:Remove the rivets with a rivet cutter or nipper, etc. ...

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