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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Install the floor mat.


If the hook - rear seat is disconnected from the vehicle body, make sure to replace the hook - rear seat with a new part to prevent the decline of the fixed force of the seat.


Secure the mat firmly with clips.

2. Install the pull handle cover.

3. Install the lower inner trim.

4. Install the console box assembly, the cover - shift lever and the panel center LWR.

Tightening torque:

Console box assembly: 6.5 N·m (0.7 kgf-m, 4.8 ft-lb)

5. Install the rear seat cushion assembly.

6. Install the front seat. Front Seat > INSTALLATION

7. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE

CAUTION:• Refer to “CAUTION” of “General Description” before handling the airbag system components. General Description > CAUTION• If the hook - rear seat is disco ...

Floor under protector

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