Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Install the trim panel - trunk lid.

2. Install the trunk room mat.

3. Install the trim panel - trunk rear.

1. Remove the clips, and remove the trim panel - trunk lid.2. Pull the release lever in the trunk room, and then tilt the backrest forward.3. Remove the mat - trunk.4. Remove the trim panel - trunk re ...

Upper inner trim

Other materials:

ItemSpecification or identificationABS wheel speed sensorGap between ABS wheel speed sensor and magnetic encoder (for reference)Front0.77 — 1.43 mm(0.030 — 0.056 in)Rear0.44 — 1.76 mm(0.017 — 0.069 in)Identifications of harness (symbol)FrontH1RearSedan modelRHH3LHH4OUTBACK modelRHH7LHH8VDCCM ...

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