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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Set the engine wiring harness to the engine, and connect the connector.


If the clip is damaged, replace it with a new part.

Before replacing the clip, put an alignment mark (a) on both engine wiring harness and clip to remove the clip, and then align to the alignment mark (a) to attach a new clip to the engine wiring harness.

Structural diagram 1


Engine harness connector (65P)


Tumble generator valve actuator RH


Throttle position sensor connector


Manifold absolute pressure sensor connector


Engine ground (2 locations)


Crankshaft position sensor


Knock sensor


Purge control solenoid valve connector


Engine coolant temperature sensor


Tumble generator valve actuator LH


Fuel injector (#4)


Engine harness connector (12P)


Fuel injector (#2)


Camshaft position sensor LH


Secure the clip to the screw hole.


Camshaft position sensor RH


Fuel injector (#1)


EGR valve


Fuel injector (#3)


Oil pressure switch


Engine oil temperature sensor


Intake oil control solenoid LH


Secure the clip to the main fuse box.


Secure the clip to the screw hole.


Oil level switch


Secure the clip to the oval hole.


Secure the clip to the screw hole.


Intake oil control solenoid RH


Maximum of 0 — 2 mm (0 — 0.079 in) gap is allowed.


Secure the clip to the screw hole.

Tightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)


19 (1.9, 14.0)

Structural diagram 2


Secure the clip to the screw hole.


Ignition coil No. 4


Ignition coil No. 2


Secure the clip to the screw hole.


Ignition coil No. 3


Ignition coil No. 1


Rear oxygen sensor


Front oxygen (A/F) sensor

2. Install the intake manifold assembly. Intake Manifold Assembly > INSTALLATION

3. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE

Check that the engine wiring harness does not have deformation, cracks and any other damage. ...

Front oxygen (a f) sensor

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CAUTION:• CVTF level changes along with CVTF temperature. When inspecting CVTF level, observe the specified CVTF temperature.• Always use specified CVTF. Using other fluid will cause malfunction.1. Idle the engine to raise CVTF temperature to 35 — 45°C (95 — 113°F) on S ...

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