Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Install the fuel tank protector.


Use a new self-locking nut (a).

Tightening torque:

T1: 9 N·m (0.9 kgf-m, 6.6 ft-lb)
T2: 18 N·m (1.8 kgf-m, 13.3 ft-lb)

2. Lower the vehicle.

1. Lift up the vehicle.2. Remove the bolt and nuts and remove the fuel tank protector. ...

General description

Other materials:

Dtc p0340 camshaft position sensor "a" circuit bank 1 or single sensor
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Immediately at fault recognitionTROUBLE SYMPTOM:• Engine stalls.• Failure of engine to startCAUTION:After servicing or replacing faulty parts, perform Clear Memory Mode Clear Memory Mode > OPERATION, and Inspection Mode Inspection Mode > PROCEDURE.WIRING DIAGRAM ...

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