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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation


When installing the motor assembly - sunroof, do not allow the cable assembly to move.

For installation of the stereo camera cover, refer to “INSTALLATION”, “Stereo Camera” in the “EyeSight” section and observe the precautions for installation. Stereo Camera > INSTALLATION

1. Install the motor assembly - sunroof.

Tightening torque:

5.4 N·m (0.6 kgf-m, 4.4 ft-lb)

2. Install the overhead console. (Models without EyeSight) Spot Map Light > INSTALLATION

3. Install the stereo camera cover assembly. (Models with EyeSight) Stereo Camera > INSTALLATION

4. Connect the ground terminal to battery sensor. NOTE

5. Perform the initialize operation. Sunroof Control System > OPERATION

6. Check the operation of sunroof by following the table below.


Switch position

(1) Lid assembly - sunroof closes completely.


(2) Lid assembly - sunroof is tilted up to the top position.

Tilt up

(3) Lid assembly - sunroof closes completely.

Tilt down

(4) Lid assembly - sunroof opens 368 mm (14.49 in) away from completely closed position.


(5) Lid assembly - sunroof opens completely.


(6) Lid assembly - sunroof closes completely.


Check the auto-reverse mechanism.CAUTION:Do not place objects in the way to check the auto-reverse mechanism.1. Open the lid assembly - sunroof.2. Push the lid assembly - sunroof in the opening direct ...

Sunroof switch

Other materials:

Storing with the tire bag (Outback)
If your vehicle has wheel covers, keep the wheel cover removed.  Take out the tire bag and tire fixing band from the under-floor storage compartment. For details, refer to "Outback" . 1) Tire bag  Place the flat tire in the tire bag 1) Rear seatback 2) Tire ...

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