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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Installing carrying attachments on the crossbars

When installing any carrying attachment such as a bike carrier, ski carrier, kayak carrier, cargo basket, etc. on the crossbars, follow the manufacturer's instructions and make sure that the attachment is securely fixed to the crossbars. Use only attachments designed specifically for the crossbars. A set of the crossbars is designed to carry loads (cargo and attachment) of not more than 150 lbs (67.5 kg).

Before operating the vehicle, make sure that the cargo is properly secured on the attachment.


  •  Remember that the vehicle's center of gravity is altered with the weight of the load on the roof, thus affecting the driving characteristics. Drive carefully, avoid rapid starts, hard cornering and abrupt stops. Crosswind effects will be increased.
  •  Restore the bars to the original position when the bars are not used as crossbars.
Roof rails with integrated crossbars (Outback - if equipped)
1) Integrated crossbars CAUTION  For cargo carrying purposes, the bars must be used as crossbars and be used together with the genuine SUBARU carrying attachment. ...

How to use as crossbars
CAUTION  Do not raise the bar higher than necessary. The base of the bar may be damaged.  Be careful not to contact the bars while sliding them. Otherwise, the ...

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How to re-stow bars
CAUTION Do not use the bars as roof rails when the bars are stowed. CAUTION Do not use the bars as roof rails when the bars are stowed. Pull out the crossbars from the roof rail holders by pulling up the covers Slide the bars in the direction shown in ...

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