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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Installing child restraint systems with ALR/ELR seatbelt

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Seat, seatbelt and SRS airbags / Child restraint systems / Installing child restraint systems with ALR/ELR seatbelt

  •  Child restraint systems and seatbelts can become hot in a vehicle that has been closed up in sunny weather; they could burn a small child. Check the child restraint system before you place a child in it.
  •  Do not leave an unsecured child restraint system in your vehicle.

    Unsecured child restraint systems can be thrown around inside of the vehicle in a sudden stop, turn or accident; they can strike and injure vehicle occupants as well as result in serious injuries or death to the child.


  •  When you install a child restraint system, follow the manufacturer's instructions supplied with it. After installing the child restraint system, check to ensure that it is held securely in position.

    If it is not held tight and secure, the danger of your child suffering personal injury in the event of an accident may be increased.

  •  When installing a child restraint system in the rear center seating position, adjust both seatbacks at the same angle. Otherwise, the child restraint system cannot be securely restrained, causing death or serious injuries in the event of sudden stop, sudden steering maneuver or an accident.
Choosing a child restraint system
Choose a child restraint system that is appropriate for the child's age and size (weight and height) in order to provide the child with proper protection. The child restraint system should mee ...

Installing a rearward facing child restraint
Place the child restraint system in the rear seating position.  Run the lap and shoulder belt through or around the child restraint system following the instructions provided by it ...

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