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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Interior equipment

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Interior equipment

Certification for Mexico models
IFETEL RCPCLPF14-250 Clarion PF-3547  IFETEL RCPCLPF14-253 Clarion PF-3688 ...

Interior light
CAUTION When leaving your vehicle, make sure the lights are turned off to avoid battery discharge. ...

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Diagnostics with phenomenon list
1. AUDIO SYSTEMSymptomsReferencePower will not turn ON. Diagnostics with Phenomenon > INSPECTIONThe screen freezes and does not accept any operation entry. Diagnostics with Phenomenon > INSPECTIONThe screen is blacked out, or the screen is not displayed. Diagnostics with Phenomenon > INSPECTIONSyste ...

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