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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Jump starting

  •  Battery fluid is SULFURIC ACID.

    Do not let it come in contact with the eyes, skin, clothing or the vehicle.

    If battery fluid gets on you, thoroughly flush the exposed area with water immediately. Get medical help if the fluid has entered your eyes.

    If battery fluid is accidentally swallowed, immediately drink a large amount of milk or water, and obtain immediate medical help.

    Keep everyone including children away from the battery.

  •  The gas generated by a battery explodes if a flame or spark is brought near it. Do not smoke or light a match while jump starting.
  •  Never attempt jump starting if the discharged battery is frozen. It could cause the battery to burst or explode.
  •  Whenever working on or around a battery, always wear suitable eye protectors, and remove metal objects such as rings, bands or other metal jewelry.
  •  Be sure the jumper cables and clamps on them do not have loose or missing insulation.
  •  Do not jump start unless cables in suitable condition are available.
  •  A running engine can be dangerous.

    Keep your fingers, hands, clothing, hair and tools away from the cooling fan, belts and any other moving engine parts.

    Removing rings, watches and ties is advisable.

  •  Jump starting is dangerous if it is done incorrectly. If you are unsure about the proper procedure for jump starting, consult a competent mechanic.

When your vehicle does not start due to a run down (discharged) battery, the vehicle may be jump started by connecting your battery to another battery (called the booster battery) with jumper cables.

How to jump start

  1.  Make sure the booster battery is 12 volts and the negative terminal is grounded.
  2.  If the booster battery is in another vehicle, do not let the two vehicles touch.
  3.  Turn off all unnecessary lights and accessories.
  4.  Connect the jumper cables exactly in the sequence illustrated.

How to jump start

A) Booster battery
B) Strut mounting nut
1) Connect one jumper cable to the positive (+) terminal on the discharged battery.
2) Connect the other end of the jumper cable to the positive (+) terminal of the booster battery.
3) Connect one end of the other cable to the negative (−) terminal of the booster battery.
4) Connect the other end of the cable to the strut mounting nut.

Make sure that the cables are not near any moving parts and that the cable clamps are not in contact with any other metal.

  1.  Start the engine of the vehicle with the booster battery and run it at moderate speed. Then start the engine of the vehicle that has the discharged battery.
  2.  When finished, carefully disconnect the cables in exactly the reverse order.
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