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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Keyless access with push button start system (diagnostics)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Keyless access with push button start system (diagnostics)

CAUTION:• Make sure the electrical connector is connected securely.• Make sure that each indicator operates normally.1. Install the warning box.2. Install the overhead console. (Models wit ...

Basic diagnostic procedure procedure
CAUTION:• Subaru Select Monitor kit is required for reading DTC, performing diagnosis and reading current data.• Before removal or installation, be sure to remove any foreign matter (dust, ...

Other materials:

1. Remove the pocket assembly. Glove Box > REMOVAL2. Remove the A/C filter.(1) Release the lock and remove the A/C filter cover.(2) Remove the A/C filter.NOTE:Pull out slowly so that foreign materials attached to the filter do not fall into the filter insertion part.3. Install a new A/C filter.4. I ...

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