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List of lane keep assist code



Contents of diagnosis


Judging Steering Wheel Not Held

Detected when steering wheel operation by the driver is not detected for a predetermined time (approx. 17 seconds).


Lateral Acceleration is Large

Detected when control output value exceeds the controllable range by a driving operation such as rounding a curve at high speed or making a sharp turn.


Lane Recognition Prohibition(Environmental Factor)

Detected when a driving lane width is narrowed.


Out of Control Return Possibility Range

Detected when lane departure prevention control continues for a predetermined time.


Real Yaw Rate Excessive

Detected when actual yaw rate exceeds the maximum value of target yaw rate by a specified amount.


Wiper Hi Speed

Detected when wiper Hi operation is activated.


Yaw Rate Sensor Abnormal(Control)

Detected when the difference between actual yaw rate and expected yaw rate becomes the specified value or more.

Lane Departure Prevention Deactivate Code(s) Display: The lane departure prevention deactivate code is output, when the lane keep (lane departure prevention) is canceled during the operation or the st ...

Control module i o signal

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