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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Location

Main fuse box (M/B)

Fuse 7.5 A (data communication module)*1


Fuse 30 A (audio, navigation unit)


Fuse 20 A (audio amplifier)


Fuse & relay box (F/B)

Fuse 20 A (rear accessory power supply socket)


Fuse 15 A (audio, navigation unit, audio amplifier, external connection terminal, data communication module*1)


Fuse 10 A (front accessory power supply socket)


*1: Model with telematics


For other related fuses, refer to the wiring diagram. Power Supply Circuit

Relay and fuse

1. CHECK FUSE1. Remove the fuse and inspect visually.2. If the fuse is blown out, replace the fuse.NOTE:If the fuse is blown again, check the system wiring harness. ...

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