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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Location

Refer to “LOCATION” of “EyeSight (DIAGNOSTICS)” section. Electrical Component Location > LOCATION

• Before disconnecting connectors of sensors or units, be sure to disconnect the ground cable from battery. When replacing the electrical parts provided with memory functions that store contents ...

1. STEREO CAMERA(1)Shim (washer)(3)Stereo cameraTightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)(2)Camera plate(4)Stereo camera cover ASSYT:5.5±1.0 (0.56±0.10, 4.1±0.7) ...

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1. Check that the fuel injector has no deformation, cracks or other damages.2. Measure the resistance between fuel injector terminals.Terminal No.Standard1 and 2Approx. 12.0 - (when 20°C (68°F)) ...

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