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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Locking and unlocking

Locking and unlocking

1) Release button
2) Mechanical key

While pressing the release button of the access key, take out the mechanical key.

Lock or unlock the driver's door with the mechanical key in the procedure described in "Locking and unlocking from the outside" .

NOTE After locking or unlocking, be sure to attach the mechanical key back to the access key.

Access key - if access key does not operate properly
CAUTION Keep metallic objects, magnetic sources and signal transmitters away from the area between the access key and the push-button ignition switch. They may interfere with ...

Switching power status
Apply the parking brake.  Shift the select lever into the "P" position.  Depress the brake pedal. Hold the access key with the buttons facing you, and touch the push-but ...

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