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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Lubrication(h4do)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Lubrication(h4do)

1. Install the bulb and lens.CAUTION:Use a dry clean cloth so that no grease or water adheres to the glass portion of the bulb.2. Install the sun visor assembly.3. Connect the ground terminal to batte ...

Engine lubrication system trouble in general inspection
Before performing diagnostics, make sure that the engine oil level is correct and no oil leakage exists.TroublePossible causeCorrective actionWarning light remains ON.a. Oil pressure switch failure ...

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Dtc b2242 uart communication
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Regular communication with A/C panel (20 ms) cannot be established for 10 seconds.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• A/C operation cannot be activated using the voice control.• Time displayed on the A/C panel cannot be corrected.WIRING DIAGRAM:Audio system Audio System > WIRING D ...

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