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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Maintenance precautions

When maintenance and service are required, it is recommended that all work be done by an authorized SUBARU dealer.

If you perform maintenance and service by yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the information provided in this section on general maintenance and service for your SUBARU.

Incorrect or incomplete service could cause improper or unsafe vehicle operation.

Any problems caused by improper maintenance and service performed by you are not eligible for warranty coverage.

  •  Testing of an All-Wheel Drive vehicle must NEVER be performed on a single two-wheel dynamometer or similar apparatus.

    Attempting to do so will result in transmission damage and in uncontrolled vehicle movement and may cause an accident or injuries to persons nearby.

  •  Always select a safe area when performing maintenance on your vehicle.
  •  Always be very careful to avoid injury when working on the vehicle.

    Remember that some of the materials in the vehicle may be hazardous if improperly used or handled, for example, battery acid.

  •  Your vehicle should only be serviced by persons fully competent to do so. Serious personal injury may result to persons not experienced in servicing vehicles.
  •  Always use the proper tools and make certain that they are well maintained.
  •  Never get under the vehicle supported only by a jack. Always use safety stands to support the vehicle.
  •  Never keep the engine running in a poorly ventilated area, such as a garage or other closed areas.
  •  Do not smoke or allow open flames around the fuel or battery.

    This will cause a fire.

  •  Because the fuel system is under pressure, replacement of the fuel filter should be performed only by your SUBARU dealer.
  •  Wear adequate eye protection to guard against getting oil or fluids in your eyes. If something does get in your eyes, thoroughly wash them out with clean water.
  •  Do not tamper with the wiring of the SRS airbag system or seatbelt pretensioner system, or attempt to take its connectors apart, as that may activate the system or it can render it inoperative.

    NEVER use a circuit tester for these wiring. If your SRS airbag or seatbelt pretensioner needs service, consult your nearest SUBARU dealer.

NOTE SUBARU does not endorse the use of non-SUBARU approved flushing systems and strongly advises against performing these services on a SUBARU vehicle. Non-SUBARU approved flushing systems use chemicals and/or solvents which have not been tested or approved by SUBARU.

SUBARU warranties do not cover any part of the vehicle which is damaged by adding or applying chemicals and/or solvents other than those approved or recommended by SUBARU.

Before checking or servicing in the engine compartment

  •  Always stop the engine and apply the parking brake to prevent the vehicle from moving.
  •  Always let the engine cool down.

    Engine parts become very hot when the engine is running and remain hot for some time after the engine is stopped.

  •  Do not spill engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid or any other fluid on hot engine components.

    This may cause a fire.

  •  When the ignition switch is in the "ON" position, the cooling fan may operate suddenly even when the engine is stopped. If your body or clothes come into contact with a rotating fan, that could result in serious injury. To avoid risk of injury, perform the following precautions.
  •  Models with push-button start system: Always turn the push-button ignition switch to the "OFF" position and confirm that the operation indicator on the switch is turned off. Then take the access key out from the vehicle.
  •  Models without push-button start system: Always remove the key from the ignition switch.
  •  Before performing any servicing on a vehicle equipped with a remote engine start system temporarily place that system in the service mode to prevent it from unexpectedly starting the engine.

When checking or servicing in the engine compartment (2.5 L models)

When checking or servicing in the engine compartment (2.5 L models)

  •  Do not contact the belt cover while checking the components in the engine compartment.

    Doing so may cause your hand to slip off the belt cover and result in an unexpected injury.

  •  Do not touch the oil filter until the engine has cooled down completely.

    Doing so may result in a burn or other injury. Note that the oil filter becomes very hot when the engine is running and remains hot for some time after the engine has stopped.

When checking or servicing in the engine compartment while the engine is running

WARNING A running engine can be dangerous.

Keep your fingers, hands, clothing, hair and tools away from the cooling fan, belts and any other moving engine parts. Removing rings, watches and ties is advisable.

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