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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Making a call

There are several methods by which a call can be made, as described below.

  1.  Press the HOME button on the audio panel.
  2.  Touch the "PHONE" key.
  3.  Select the desired key to make a call from the list.

Making a call



Incoming Calls Display the history of incoming calls. Refer to "By incoming calls" .
Outgoing Calls Display the history of outgoing calls. Refer to "By outgoing calls" .
Contacts Display the phonebook. Refer to "By contacts list" .
Dialpad Dial a phone number. Refer to "By Dialpad" .

NOTE You can also make a call by using the following functions.

  •  Make a call using the off hook switch on the steering wheel. Refer to "By off hook switch" .
  •  Make a call using voice operation.

    Refer to "Voice command system"  81.

How to change the hands-free phone system
The phone (menu) screen can be used to make a phone call. To display the handsfree operation screen, press the HOME button and then select the "PHONE" key, or press the off hook switch on the ...

By incoming calls
On the phone (menu) screen, select the "Incoming Calls" key to open the "Incoming Calls" screen. You can make a call by selecting an item in the incoming call history list. If there is no inc ...

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