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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Manual climate control

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Climate control / Manual climate control

Automatic climate control system (type B)
NOTE  Operate the automatic climate control system when the engine is running.  The blower fan rotates at a low speed when the engine coolant temperature is low.  For effi ...

Airflow mode selection
Select the preferred airflow mode by pressing the airflow mode selection button or defroster button. Airflow modes are as follows. A) Models with rear ventilators (Ventilation): Instrument ...

Other materials:

Preparation tool
1. SPECIAL TOOLILLUSTRATIONPart No.DESCRIPTIONREMARKS20099PA010INSTALLER & REMOVER• Used for replacing the bushing - trailing link of the housing assembly - rear axle.• Used together with BUSHING REMOVER (20099FG000).20099FG000BUSHING REMOVER• Used for replacing the bushing - trail ...

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