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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Manual transmission and differential(6mt)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Manual transmission and differential(6mt)

1. Apply engine oil to the O-ring and attach it to the oil pan upper.NOTE:Use new O-rings.2. Apply liquid gasket to the mating surfaces of strainer.Liquid gasket:THREE BOND 1217G (Part No. K0877Y0100) ...

General diagnostic table inspection
1. MANUAL TRANSMISSIONSymptomsPossible causeCorrective action1. Gears are difficult to intermesh.NOTE:The cause for difficulty in shifting gears can be classified into two types: One is a defective ge ...

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Dtc c2543 error passive
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When send/receive failure of CAN communication is detected after the ignition switch is ON.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:The steering wheel operation feels heavy.WIRING DIAGRAM:Electric power steering system Electric Power Steering SystemSTEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK PERIPHERALS.Check the data li ...

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