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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Map light

Map light

To turn on the map light, press the switch.

To turn it off, press the switch again.

Door interlock switch


1) Door interlock switch

*: For details about the SUBARU STARLINK (U.S.-spec. models only, if equipped), refer to the Owner's Manual supplement for the SUBARU STARLINK.

Models without SUBARU STARLINK
Models without SUBARU STARLINK

1) Door interlock switch

The door interlock switch has the following positions.

OFF: The map lights do not illuminate automatically in conjunction with a door opening. But, the lights can be turned on manually by pressing the map light switches.

DOOR: The map lights illuminate automatically when any of the doors (other than the rear gate or trunk lid) is opened even while the map light switches are in the OFF position. Several seconds after all of the doors (other than the rear gate or trunk lid) are closed, the map lights gradually turn off. For details, refer to "OFF delay timer" .

Dome light
1) ON 2) DOOR 3) OFF The dome light switch has the following positions: ON: The light remains on continuously. OFF: The light remains off. DOOR: The dome light illuminates automatically ...

Cargo area light (Outback)
1) DOOR 2) OFF 3) ON The cargo area light switch has the following positions. DOOR: The light illuminates only when the rear gate is opened. The light gradually turns off several seconds ...

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