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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Mechanical(h6do)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Mechanical(h6do)

1. V-BELT1. Attach the tool to the V-belt tensioner assembly, and rotate the tool clockwise to remove the V-belt as shown in the figure.CAUTION:• When reusing the V-belt, wipe off dust and water ...

Compression inspection
CAUTION:After warming-up, engine becomes very hot. Be careful not to burn yourself during measurement.NOTE:• Before checking the compression pressure, the compression condition of each cylinder ...

Other materials:

Adjust the clearance around the panel - rear gate as follows.PartStandardAPanel - rear gate to Roof panel6.6+1.5, −1.0 mm (0.26+0.06, −0.04 in)BSurface level gap: Panel - rear gate to Roof panel0.5+0.5, −1.5 mm (0.02+0.02, −0.06 in)CFinisher - light to Rear combination light4 ...

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