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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Meters and gauges

NOTE Liquid crystal displays are used in some of the meters and gauges in the combination meter. You will find their indications hard to see if you wear polarized glasses.

Hazard warning flasher
The hazard warning flasher is used to warn other drivers when you have to park your vehicle under emergency conditions. The hazard warning flasher works with the ignition switch in any posit ...

Combination meter illumination
When the ignition switch is turned to the "ON" position, the various parts of the combination meter are illuminated in the following sequence.  Warning lights, indicator lights, meter ne ...

Other materials:

1. Install the center differential and transfer driven gear into the transfer case as a unit. Transfer Driven Gear > INSTALLATION2. Select the adjusting washer. Transfer Case and Extension Case Assembly > INSTALLATION3. Install the transfer driven gear. Transfer Driven Gear > INSTALLATION4. Insta ...

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