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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Mirrors

Always check that the inside and outside mirrors are properly adjusted before you start driving.

Defogger and deicer
Rear window defogger  Outside mirror defogger (if equipped)  Windshield wiper deicer (if equipped) The defogger and deicer system is activated only when the ignition switch is ...

Inside mirror (without auto-dimming function) (if equipped)
The mirror has a day and night position. Pull the tab at the bottom of the mirror toward you for the night position. Push it away for the day position. The night position reduces glare from ...

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Precautions against vehicle modification
Always consult your SUBARU dealer if you want to install any accessory parts to your vehicle. CAUTION Do not perform any of the following modifications. Such modifications can interfere with proper operation of the seatbelt pretensioners.  Attachment of any equipment ...

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