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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Note

For procedure of each component in the telematics system, refer to the respective section.

Data communication module: Navigation Body

Antenna: Antenna

GPS antenna: GPS Antenna

Switches and harness: Switches and Harness

1. REGISTRATION (COMM CHECK)CAUTION:Because it will go back to Factory mode when the signal is weak, that you do not press the i button more than 2 seconds during a communication check. If it had retu ...


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Dtc p2271 o2 sensor signal biased/stuck rich bank 1 sensor 2
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Detected when two consecutive driving cycles with fault occur.CAUTION:After servicing or replacing faulty parts, perform Clear Memory Mode Clear Memory Mode > OPERATION, and Inspection Mode Inspection Mode > PROCEDURE.WIRING DIAGRAM:• Engine Electrical System ENGINE T ...

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