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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Oil seal note

For replacement and inspection, refer to “CVT (TR580)”, “CVT (TR690)” or “6MT” section.

CVT (TR580) model:

Extension Case Oil Seal

CVT (TR690) model:

Extension Case Oil Seal

6MT model:

Oil Seal

General description note
For general description, refer to “CVT (TR580)”, “CVT (TR690)” or “6MT” section.CVT (TR580) model: General DescriptionCVT (TR690) model: General Description6MT mode ...

Reduction drive gear note
For removal, installation and inspection, refer to “CVT (TR580)” section. Reduction Drive Gear ...

Other materials:

Moonroof (if equipped)
WARNING Never let anyone's hands, arms, head or any objects protrude from the moonroof. A person could be seriously injured if the vehicle stops suddenly or turns sharply or if the vehicle is involved in an accident. To avoid serious personal injury caused by entrapmen ...

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