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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Operation

1. On «Start» display, select «Diagnosis».

2. On «Vehicle selection» display, input the target vehicle information and select «Confirmed».

3. On «Main Menu» display, select «Each System».

4. On «Select System» display, select «Body Control» and then select «Enter».

5. On «Select Function» display, select «Active Test».


In order to check the body integrated unit function, inspect the body integrated unit and actuator using Subaru Select Monitor without operating switches.

For detailed operation procedures, refer to “Application help”.

Function check

1. On «Main Menu» display, select «Each System Check».2. On «Each System Check» display, select «Integ. unit mode».3. On «Integ. unit mode» display, select «Work Support».4. On «Work Supp ...

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