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Because it will go back to Factory mode when the signal is weak, that you do not press the i button more than 2 seconds during a communication check. If it had returned to Factory mode, carrying out the CommCheck again. Each mode state can be confirmed in the “Subscription Status” in the current data display of SSM.

1. Replace the data communication module with a new part.

2. Check the LED of overhead console or stereo camera cover assembly illuminates in green.

3. Press and hold the i-button for 2 seconds or more.


When the subscription is completed, the telematics system will automatically activate.

Refer to “Basic Diagnostic Procedure” in “TELEMATICS SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS)”. Basic Diagnostic Procedure ...

For procedure of each component in the telematics system, refer to the respective section.• Data communication module: Navigation Body• Antenna: Antenna• GPS antenna: GPS Antenna& ...

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