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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Operation


For on-board diagnosis function of the EyeSight, use the Subaru Select Monitor.

The on-board diagnosis function operates in three categories, which are used depending on the type of problems.

1. Diagnosis with diagnostic trouble code (DTC):

When the electrical failure occurs in the EyeSight, DTC is detected from the stereo camera. If the DTC is detected, the relevant DTC is displayed by illuminating or blinking the EyeSight warning light. To check the details concerning the DTC, use the Subaru Select Monitor.

2. Diagnosis with cancel code and lane keep assist code:

(1) This category of diagnosis requires actual driving of the vehicle in order to determine the cause in such a case when the set speed is cancelled during cruise control driving or the control is cancelled during active lane keep driving although any cancel condition is not entered.

(2) With ECM cancel code and stereo camera ACC cancel code, cancel condition (Code No.) is stored when detected during cruise control driving. With lane keep assist code of stereo camera, cancel condition (Code No.) is stored if active lane keeping does not operate or if control cancel occurs during active lane keep driving.


With ECM cancel code, not only the cruise control “cancel” occurred (although the driver does not input the “cancel” operation), but also the “cancel” condition input by the driver is stored.

The latest memory contents of the ECM cancel code (latest code) is cleared when the ignition switch is turned to OFF. However, memory contents set by the diagnosis of faulty switches related to the system and cruise control will remain as trouble history (memory code) after the ignition switch is turned to OFF.

3. Real-time diagnosis:

Real-time diagnosis function is used to determine whether or not the input signal system is in good order, according to signal emitted from switches, sensors, etc.

(1) Vehicle cannot be driven at cruise speed when the problem occurs in the cruise control system or relevant circuits.

(2) Monitor the signal conditions from switches and sensors.


For operation procedures, refer to “Application help”.

Subaru select monitor

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