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Pandora is an application for a smartphone.

This can automatically select and play recommended tracks.

By rating the track currently playing, tracks that better match your preference will be recommended.

In order to connect to this system, use a USB port for an iPhone or iPod touch and Bluetooth for Android devices.

Depending on differences between models or software version etc., some models might be incompatible with this system.

This function is not available if the Pandora application has not been installed on the smartphone.

WARNING Do not operate the player's controls or connect the smartphone while driving. Doing so may result in loss of control of your vehicle and cause an accident or serious injury.


  •  Do not leave your smartphone in the car. In particular, high temperatures inside the vehicle may damage the smartphone.
  •  Do not push down on or apply unnecessary pressure to the smartphone while it is connected as this may damage the smartphone or its terminal.
  •  Do not insert foreign objects into the port as this may damage the smartphone or its terminal.

NOTE Follow the specific operation procedures for the smartphone application.

Using aha application
When the top screen is displayed, touch the station key. Example of the main screen  Select the desired station from the list. The selected station is displayed. NOTE ...

Control screen and audio panel
No. Function 1 Select to display the audio source selection screen 2 Select to open the station list. Refer to "Station list" . 3 Select ...

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