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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Phone settings

You can transfer the phonebook information and adjust the volume of your phone using the Bluetooth phone system.


  •  The ringer volume for outgoing and incoming calls, as well as the volume while on hold or during a call are controlled independently from the volume of the audio source. The volume setting in the phone setting is applied.
  •  When making a call, receiving a call or while talking on the phone, you can adjust the volume by using the AUDIO/ TUNE knob on the audio panel or the volume control switch on the steering wheel.
Talking on the phone
The call screen opens when you perform the following operations.  When you accept a call on the incoming call screen (by selecting the key), the call screen opens.  When you a ...

Phone volume settings
The call and ringtone volume can be adjusted. A ringtone can be selected.  Display the "PHONE" screen. Refer to "How to change the hands-free phone system" .  Touch the key. &n ...

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