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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Precautions against vehicle modification

Always consult your SUBARU dealer if you want to install any accessory parts to your vehicle.

CAUTION Do not perform any of the following modifications. Such modifications can interfere with proper operation of the seatbelt pretensioners.
  •  Attachment of any equipment (bush bar, winches, snow plow, skid plate, etc.) other than genuine SUBARU accessory parts to the front end.
  •  Modification of the suspension system or front end structure.
  •  Installation of a tire of different size and construction from the tires specified on the vehicle placard attached to the door pillar or specified for individual vehicle models in this Owner's Manual.
System servicing
WARNING  When discarding a seatbelt retractor assembly or scrapping the entire vehicle damaged by a collision, consult your SUBARU dealer.  Tampering with or d ...

Child restraint systems
Infants and small children should always be placed in an infant or child restraint system in the rear seat while riding in the vehicle. You should use an infant or child restraint system th ...

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