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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Precautions against vehicle modification

  •  To avoid accidental activation of the system or rendering the system inoperative, which may result in serious injury, no modifications should be made to any components or wiring of the SRS airbag system.

    This includes the following modifications.

  •  Installation of custom steering wheels
  •  Attachment of additional trim materials to the dashboard
  •  Installation of custom seats
  •  Replacement of seat fabric or leather
  •  Installation of additional fabric or leather on the front seat
  •  Attachment of a hands-free microphone or any other accessory to a front pillar, a center pillar, a rear pillar, the windshield, a side window, an assist grip, or any other cabin surface that would be near a deploying SRS curtain airbag
  •  Installation of additional electrical/ electronic equipment such as a mobile two-way radio on or near the SRS airbag system components and/or wiring
  •  Modifications on or inside the front door panels for the purpose of a speaker replacement or sound insulation
  •  The impact sensors, which detect the pressure of an impact, are located in the doors. Do not modify any components of the doors or door trims, such as the addition of door speakers for example. Any modifications to the doors create a risk of the airbag system becoming inoperative or unintended airbag deployment.


CAUTION Do not perform any of the following modifications. Such modifications can interfere with proper operation of the SRS airbag system.
  •  Attachment of any equipment (bush bar, bullbar, winches, snow plow, skid/sump plate, etc.) other than genuine SUBARU accessory parts.
  •  Modification of the suspension system or front end structure.
  •  Installation of a tire of different size and construction from the tires specified on the vehicle placard attached to the driver's door pillar or specified for individual vehicle models in this Owner's Manual.
  •  Attachment of any equipment (side steps or side sill protectors, etc.) other than genuine SUBARU accessory parts to the side body

Always consult your SUBARU dealer if you want to install any accessory parts on your vehicle.

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