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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Radiator

1. WATER PUMP(1)Water pump pulley(10)Preheater hose(19)Engine coolant temperature sensor(2)Water pump ASSY(11)Clip(20)Gasket(3)Gasket(12)Water pipe ASSY (4)Thermostat (engine side)(13)Thermostat (CVT ...

CAUTION:The radiator is pressurized when the engine and radiator are hot. Wait until engine and radiator cool down before working on the radiator.1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. ...

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System alarm operation
The alarm system will give the following alarms when triggered.  The vehicle's horn will sound for 30 seconds.  The hazard warning flashers will flash for 30 seconds. If any of the doors (or the rear gate/trunk lid) remains open after the 30-second period, the horn will con ...

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