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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Radiator fan control unit

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Cooling(h6do) / Radiator fan control unit

1. RADIATOR MAIN FAN AND RADIATOR MAIN FAN MOTOR1. Disconnect the connector from the radiator fan control module (main), and remove the radiator main fan motor harness from the clip (A).2. Remove the ...

1. RADIATOR FAN CONTROL MODULE (MAIN)1. Remove the collector cover.(1) Carefully pull up the rear of collector cover at two positions (A).(2) Carefully pull up the front of collector cover at two posi ...

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Item NameDescriptionStandardNote+POWER BPower supply voltage value9 — 16 V — + BPRG CM power supply voltage value9 — 16 V — IGN SWIgnition switch statusON: IGN ONOFF: IGN OFF — Memory stop SWMemorized height switch statusON: switch ONOFF switch OFF — D SWDriver’s seat switch status ...

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