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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Rear differential side oil seal

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Differentials / Rear differential side oil seal

Check the rear differential mount bushing for cracks, hardening or damage. If cracking, hardening or damage is excessive, replace rear differential mount bushing. ...

1. Remove the rear differential. Rear Differential (T-type) > REMOVAL Rear Differential (VA-type) > REMOVAL2. Remove the rear differential side oil seal using a ST or screwdriver wrapped with vinyl ...

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1. Check the continuity between the connectors.Preparation tool:Circuit testerTerminal No.Inspection conditionsSpecification4 (COM) — 5 (GND)AlwaysContinuity exists7 (SSW1) — 5 (GND)Push button ignition switch released > pressedContinuity exists2 (SSW2) — 5 (GND)Push button ignition switch rel ...

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