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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Rear seats

Rear seats

WARNING Seatbelts provide maximum restraint when the occupant sits well back and upright in the seat. Do not put cushions or any other materials between occupants and seatbacks or seat cushions. If you do so, the risk of sliding under the lap belt and of the lap belt sliding up over the abdomen will increase, and both can result in serious internal injury or death.

Rear seats

WARNING Never stack luggage or other cargo higher than the top of the seatback because it could tumble forward and injure passengers in the event of a sudden stop or accident.
Rear seat heater (if equipped)
Rear seat heater switch  HIGH mode indicator  LOW mode indicator  Driver's side  Front passenger's side Press the rear seat heater switch. Each time you press the ...

Reclining the seatback (Outback)
WARNING To prevent the passenger from sliding under the seatbelt in the event of a collision, always put the seatback in the upright position while the vehicle is in motion. ...

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List of diagnostic trouble code (dtc) list
DTCItemContent of diagnosisNoteNoneWithout DTCNormal Subaru Select Monitor > INSPECTION«Assist limitation» is displayed in the current data «EPS operating condition».Assist limitation is performed due to overheat protection control. STEERING Warning Light > STEERING WARNING LIGHT DOES NOT COME O ...

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