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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Rear window wiper blade rubber (Outback)

Rear window wiper blade rubber (Outback)

  1. Pull out the end of the blade rubber assembly to unlock it from the plastic support.

Rear window wiper blade rubber (Outback)

  1. Pull the blade rubber assembly out of the plastic support.

Rear window wiper blade rubber (Outback)

1) Metal spines

  1.  If the new blade rubber is not provided with two metal spines, remove the metal spines from the old blade rubber and install them in the new blade rubber.

Rear window wiper blade rubber (Outback)

  1. Align the claws of the plastic support with the grooves in the blade rubber assembly, then slide the blade rubber assembly into place.

Rear window wiper blade rubber (Outback)

Securely retain both ends of the rubber with the stoppers on the plastic support ends. If the rubber is not retained properly, the wiper may scratch the rear window glass.

  1.  Install the wiper blade assembly to the wiper arm. Make sure that it locks in place.
  2.  Hold the wiper arm by hand and slowly lower it in position.
Rear window wiper blade assembly (Outback)
Raise the wiper arm off the rear window Turn the wiper blade assembly counterclockwise. Pull the wiper blade assembly toward you to remove it from the wiper arm. ...

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