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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Reclining the seatback (Outback)

Reclining the seatback (Outback)

WARNING To prevent the passenger from sliding under the seatbelt in the event of a collision, always put the seatback in the upright position while the vehicle is in motion.


CAUTION If the vehicle is equipped with a cargo area cover, observe the following precautions.
  •  Be careful not to pinch your hand between the headrest and the cargo area cover when you recline the rear seat.
  •  Move the front cover of the cargo area cover backward so that the cover is not damaged by the reclined seatback. Refer to "Cargo area cover (Outback - if equipped)" .

Reclining the seatback (Outback)

Adjust the seatback to the desired position while pulling the lever.

After adjusting the seatback, release the lever and make sure the seatback is securely locked into place.

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