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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Regarding setting


  •  The operational/non-operational setting for the keyless access function can be changed. For the setting procedure, refer to "Disabling keyless access function" . The setting can also be changed by a SUBARU dealer.

    For more details, contact a SUBARU dealer.

  •  For detailed information about the operation method for the push-button ignition switch while the keyless access function is switched to the nonoperational mode, refer to "Access key - if access key does not operate properly" .
Regarding access key
CAUTION If the access key is dropped, the integrated mechanical key inside may become loose. Be careful not to lose the mechanical key. NOTE  The access key is always ...

Radio waves used for the keyless access with push-button start system
The keyless access with push-button start system uses radio waves of 134 kHz, in addition to the radio waves used for the remote keyless entry system. The radio waves are periodically output from ...

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