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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Registering a Bluetooth Audio device for the first time

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Audio / Bluetooth settings / Registering/connecting Bluetooth device / Registering a Bluetooth Audio device for the first time

To use the Bluetooth Audio, it is necessary to register an audio device with the system.

The device registration procedure is the same for both the hands-free system and Bluetooth audio.

  1.  Display the "BT Devices Connection" screen. Refer to "Registering a Bluetooth phone for the first time" .
  2. Select the "Add" key.

    The "Add" key is not displayed when five devices are already registered.

    To add another device, you need to delete one of the registered devices.

    Press the key for the device to be deleted, and then select the "OK" key.

  3. Register the Bluetooth device using your Bluetooth device.
  •  A PIN-code is not required for SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) compatible Bluetooth devices. Depending on the type of Bluetooth device being connected, a message confirming registration may be displayed on the Bluetooth device's screen. Respond and operate the Bluetooth device according to the confirmation message.
  1. Check that the screen is displayed when registration is complete.
  •  The system waits for connection requests coming from the registered device.
  •  At this stage, the Bluetooth functions are not yet available.
Registering a Bluetooth phone for the first time
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