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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Relay and fuse

1. Install the snap ring to reduction driven gear.NOTE:Use a new reduction driven gear COMPL.2. Using the ST, attach the collar.NOTE:Attach the collar in the correct direction.ST 899580100INSTALLER ...

Main fuse boxFuse 20 A(A)Relay & fuse boxFuse 15 A(B)Relay & fuse boxFuse 7.5 A(C) ...

Other materials:

Base display audio set (if equipped)
1) Power/VOLUME knob 2) Eject button 3) AUDIO/TUNE knob 4) HOME button 5) APPS button 6) Display 7) SEEK/TRACK buttons The audio set will operate only when the ignition switch is in the "ACC" or "ON" position.  Power and audio controls: refer to "Basic operation" .  SU ...

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