Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Remove the transmission assembly. Automatic Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL

2. Remove the extension case. Extension Case > REMOVAL

3. Remove the transfer clutch assembly. Transfer Clutch > REMOVAL

4. Remove the transfer driven gear assembly.

5. Remove the seal ring from the transfer driven gear assembly.

Transfer driven gear

NOTE:When the transfer driven gear or bearing is replaced, select the transfer driven gear shim. Transfer Clutch > ADJUSTMENT ...

Other materials:

1. Remove the fuel injector pipe and the fuel hose, and remove the fuel pipe assembly.2. Remove the engine harness. General Description > COMPONENT3. Remove the EGR control valve. EGR Control Valve > REMOVAL4. Remove the EGR pipe B. EGR Pipe > REMOVAL5. Remove the manifold absolute pressure senso ...

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