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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


Directly after the vehicle has been running or the engine has been idling for a long time, the CVTF is hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Be careful not to spill CVTF on the exhaust pipe to prevent it from emitting smoke or causing a fire. If the CVTF adheres, wipe it off completely.


The control valve body is replaced as an assembly only, because it is a non-disassembly part.

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Lift up the vehicle.

3. Clean the transmission exterior.

4. Remove the CVTF drain plug to drain CVTF.


CVTF drain plug

5. Install the CVTF drain plug.


Use a new gasket.

Tightening torque:

39.2 N·m (4.0 kgf-m, 28.9 ft-lb)

6. Remove the oil pan.


Be careful not to allow foreign matter such as dust or dirt to enter the oil pan.

7. Remove the magnet.

8. Disconnect the control valve harness connector.

9. Remove the oil strainer.

10. Remove the control valve body.


Do not let the manual valve drop off.

11. Remove the pressure pipe.


It may be located in transmission case side.

12. Remove the O-ring from oil strainer.

13. Remove the O-ring from pressure pipe.

Control valve body

• Check each part for damage or dust.• Check oil strainer for clogging.• Measure the resistance of each solenoid.NOTE:Measurement should be performed at a temperature of 20°C ...

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