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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal


Be sure to prevent water or oil from contacting the connector terminal of secondary pressure sensor. If adhesion occurs, replace with a new part.

When removing secondary pressure sensor, CVTF may let out. If CVTF has leaked, adjust the CVTF level after installing the secondary pressure sensor.

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE

2. Lift up the vehicle.

3. Clean the transmission exterior.

4. Remove the secondary pressure sensor harness connector.

5. Remove the secondary pressure sensor.


Use Ko-ken 3/8 12-point 27 mm (manufacturer product No. 3305M-27) deep socket.

Secondary pressure sensor

1. Start and warm up the engine.2. Shift the select lever to “P” or “N” range.3. Depress the brake pedal and hold it.4. Check “secondary pressure sensor voltage” by ...

Other materials:

1. Install the throttle body to the intake manifold assembly.NOTE:Use a new gasket.Tightening torque:8 N·m (0.8 kgf-m, 5.9 ft-lb)2. Connect the connector to the throttle position sensor.3. Connect the preheater hoses to the throttle body.4. Install the air intake boot. Air Intake Boot > INST ...

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