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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Remove the transmission assembly from the vehicle. Automatic Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL

2. Remove the air breather hose. Air Breather Hose > REMOVAL

3. Remove the transmission harness. Transmission Harness > REMOVAL

4. Remove the secondary speed sensor. Secondary Speed Sensor > REMOVAL

5. Remove the oxygen sensor harness and harness bracket.

6. Remove the inhibitor switch. Inhibitor Switch > REMOVAL

7. Remove the extension case. Extension Case > REMOVAL

8. Remove the rear drive shaft. Rear Drive Shaft > REMOVAL

9. Remove the transfer clutch assembly. Transfer Clutch > REMOVAL

10. Remove the transfer reduction driven gear assembly. Transfer Reduction Driven Gear > REMOVAL

11. Remove the intermediate case. Intermediate Case > REMOVAL

12. Remove the forward clutch assembly. Forward Clutch Assembly > REMOVAL

13. Remove the reduction driven gear. Reduction Driven Gear > REMOVAL

14. Remove the oil pan and control valve body. Control Valve Body > REMOVAL


When removing the control valve body, also remove the pressure pipe if it is attached on the case.

15. Remove the CVTF pipe using a tire lever etc.


Remove by hooking the stepped portion of CVTF pipe with a tire lever etc.


CVTF pipe


Tire lever

16. Remove the transmission case.


The total number of transmission case mounting bolts is 15.

17. Remove the O-ring of lubrication pipe.

18. Remove the control device system. Transmission Control Device > REMOVAL

Transmission case

NOTE:When replacing the transmission case with a new part, perform the following check and adjustment for the selection.• Select the thrust bearing for the forward clutch assembly. Forward Clut ...

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Secondary pressure (line pressure) test inspection
CAUTION:• Directly after the vehicle has been running or the engine has been idling for a long time, the CVTF is hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.• Make sure no other person is around the vehicle during secondary pressure (line pressure) test measurement.• After performing the ...

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